Creating a Motion Guide

A Motion Guide will set the path for an object to travel from point a to point b. In this tutorial you will create a simple motion guide.

Test it out on the right==>

1. Open a new movie
2. Create a circle with fill on frame 1
3. Highlight the circle by double clicking on it and click INSERT => CONVERT TO SYMBOL. Call the symbol BALL and give it the properties of movie clip.
4. Place the BALL in the lower left hand corner of your movie.
5. Hightlight Frame number 20 and right click. INSERT KEYFRAME
6. Move the ball to the lower right hand corner.
7. Highlight Frame 1.
8. Open up the frames panel by clicking WINDOW => PANELS => FRAME.
9. Select from the frames panel tweening = MOTION. Lock Layer 1
10. Right click on the text "layer 1" and click ADD MOTION GUIDE
11. A layer called "Guide Layer 1" will appear ontop of your layer. You will know it is associated with the layer if the layer is indented below the guide.
12. Draw a curved line from lower left to lower right that reaches nearly the top of the movie in the guide layer with the pencil tool. Make a scribble line to give your ball move movement.
13. Unlock layer 1. Highlight frame 1 layer1. On the FRAME panel, check the box to SNAP and the ball will adhere to the line.If it does not snap, clicking in Fraqme 20 layer 1. This is how I got it to work.