Creating a Rotating Ball Motion Tween

Test it out below==>


  1. First create a new movie 550 by 200 with a black background (Modify>Movie)
  2. Draw a circle, then add lines, then color each section a different color. Curve the inside lines using the arrow key.
  3. Click on insert conver to symbol, click on graphic, and give it a name
  4. Put a keyframe in frame 20 (Right click on frame 20 and choose Insert KeyFrame)
  5. In frame 20 move the circle to the right any place you want
  6. Go back to frame 1 click on Window>Panel>Frame
  7. Under tweening click on motion
    If you see a right arrow then you did this correct so far. If you see a dotted line then start from step 3.
  8. Under rotate put CW or CWW and put down as many times as you want that is optional
  9. If you want it to loop click on frame 20 and add this following script to that frame
    gotoAndPlay (1);