Revolving Text

  1. Start off by starting a new movie: File»New. Then go to Modify»Movie and change the width and height to whatever your preference might be. The one I'm making is Width: 250 Height: 100 with a background of black (you can choose any color you like). Then click the A on the Tools toolbar and type some text.
  2. Click back on your text to highlight it, then Modify»Break Apart. All the letters are separate now. You may want to zoom in, but now you must select each text character, press Edit»Cut, start a new layer and Edit»Paste in Place.
  3. After pasting each letter, you must also press Modify»Group so each letter stands on its own. The below example is of the words Tutorials on top of the button. I used the words Flash in my example. Notice that you have pasted the letters in the first frame of each layer.
  4. Add a keyframe in the tenth and twentieth frames on all the layers.
  5. Go to the tenth frame, select the individual letter, and revert all the characters by clicking Modify>Transform>Flip Horizontally. The letters should appear backward like looking into a mirror.
  6. Create a motion tween from the 1st to the 10th and then from the the 10th to the 20th frame on all the layers which have letters in them. You do this by going to each layer's first frame and going to the Frame Tab and select motion from the tweening tab. Make sure you select CW (Clockwise). Do not assign it a number. You want to go through and do the same thing on frame 10 on all the layers.
  7. Finally, last step is to Press File»Publish Preview»Default(HTML) and make sure it works.