Creating a Rotating Motion Tween

Test it out on the right==>

1. Open a new movie
2. Create a shape of any kind in Frame ONE of Layer 1.
3. Highlight The shape in Frame 1 (Using the arrow key, double click on it).
4. Click the Menu Item INSERT and select CONVERT TO SYMBOL
5. Right click on Frame 60 and select INSERT KEYFRAME.
6. Click on Frame 1.
7. Click the menu WINDOW, select PANELS and select FRAME.
8. Find the space for tweening on the FRAME PANEL and select Motion.
9. On the Frame Panel on the box labeled ROTATE, select CW for clockwise or CCW for counterclockwise
10. On the Frame Panel type in the number 1 for times to make your object revolve once, 2 for twice, etc.
Hints: Motion toweling only works on grouped objects or symbols. To make these objects work, Select the objects, select the menu MODIFY and then GROUP until there are no parts and pieces separate from the one group.