Creating An Interactive 3D Text Effect In Flash Using Microsoft Word

Move your mouse over the text.

Stage One- Making the 3D text

Stage Two- Starting the conversion to flash

Stage Three- Tweening the Animation.

Stage Four - Action Script

We are going now to give the object the following action:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
value = Math.round(getProperty (this,_xmouse)/10)+15;
gotoAndStop (value);
if (value>36) {
value = 36;
if (value<0) {
value = 0;

First Step: click on the plus sign, then go to Actions > set variable


Finally click on the onClipEvent action, you should see a radio button chosen to be "load" change it to"EnterFrame".

This should make all the actions functional now. Go to control then Test Movie to see it working!

Some additional tips:
Trace all the images that you get from Word. This will decrease the fill size, it will make the movie run faster, and this will make the drawings much sharper.
Increase the frame rate, this will make the animation change smoother.
Add other effects like the random change in size or transparency.
Tilt the shape into different positions while in Word.