Masking Text with a Pattern

Busy Bee

It is very easy to create attractive text in Flash using the masking technique. First you need to find a picture you would like to use for your fill. The fill pattern I used is shown below. You can use the same one or you can use your own graphic:

Bee Pattern

Open Flash and import your graphic to the stage (File > Import to Stage).

Import to Stage

With the free transform tool Free Transform size the picture to fit the stage. To activate the Free Transform Tool you must have your graphic on the stage selected.

Rename this layer pattern fill. Lock the layer by clicking on the lock in the layer on the timeline.


Add a new layer by clicking the new layer icon at the bottom of the timeline. Name it text.

New Layer]

Type some text on the canvas using a fat font style. Make sure it is large enough to pick up your pattern fill. The color doesn't matter because your pattern fill will fill the text. You can use your free transform tool to resize it.

Busy Bee

Now right click on the text layer and select mask. How easy was that!!