Creating Motion Tween in Flash

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Open flash. Set the stage dimensions by clicking the edit button on the properties panel. This will open the document settings dialog box. Set the dimensions of the stage to 550 by 200 and choose a background color to your liking.

Document Settings

Draw a circle using the oval drawing tools in Flash. Select a fill color to your liking with no stroke.


Position it to the top left of the stage.


Convert it into a symbol (F8). Selecting the Graphic option and name the symbol say 'ball'.

Ball Symbol

Click the 60th frame in the Timeline and insert a frame by right clicking in this frame and select Insert Frame (shortcut key F5).

Insert Frame

Your Timeline should now look like this:


Now right-click the 10th frame in the Timeline and select Create Motion Tween (or Motion option from the Tween panel of the Properties inspector) and insert a Key Frame and select Position (F6).

Motion Tween Position

Move your circle where you want it to move to.

Circle Moved

Select the 20th frame and insert a Key frame and select Position (F6) and move the ball to a different position say, up and over to the right (automatically tweened by Flash).

Move Circle

Continue adding a Key frame in frames 30, 40, 50 and 60 while moving your circle to different places on the canvas.

Test the Movie (Ctrl + Enter). If it is to your liking it is time to save it in swf format. Select File > Export Movie.

Export Movie

Give it a name and select swf as the file format.