Frame-by-Frame Animation Using Distribute to Layers

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Open flash. Set the stage dimensions by clicking the edit button on the properties panel. This will open the document settings dialog box. Set the dimensions of the stage to 550 by 200 and choose a background color to your liking.

Document Settings

Click on the text tool Flash 8 Text Tool on the Tools panel and set the font size and type on the Properties Panel then click on the stage and type some text. I used the word 'Flash' shown in the example below. While the text is still selected break it apart by using Ctrl + B to separate the word into individual letters as shown below:


In this activity you will have each letter rolling onto the stage seperately. With all the letters still selected right click on the letters on the stage and select Distribute to Layers.

Distribute to Layers

Your Timeline should now look like this:

Flash on Different Layers

You can delete Layer 1 by clicking on in the timeline and clicking the trash icon Delete Layer at the bottom of the timeline panel.

Click all the frames in frame 15 by clicking in frame 15 of the top or bottom layer and dragging up or down while holding down the left mouse. Insert keyframes on all the layers at one time by right clicking and then selecting Insert a Keyframe.

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Select all the letters in Frame 1 just like you did above and move all the letters off the stage.

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Select all the frames between frame 1 and frame 15 by holding down the mouse and dragging up to select all the frames. Right click and select insert Classic Tween. Test your movie by selecting Ctrl + Enter.

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The last thing you will do is to stagger the letters so they don't come in at the same time. I also want my first letter to roll out first. Select all the frames in the s layer by holding down the left mouse and dragging over the frames. While holding down the left mouse button drag the frames to the right 10 frames. Continue moving the frames until you have all layers moved in 10 frame increments.

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The last thing you need to do is place a Keyframe in frame 90 so that the text does not disappear from the stage. Select all the frames in frame 90 and right click to insert a keyframe.

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