Creating a Rotating Star Motion Tween

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Create a New Document:

Choose File > New. In the New Document dialog box, the choose ActionScript 3.0, the default setting. Click OK.

Set the Background Color of the Stage:

Change the size of the stage to 200 px by 200 px and set the background color to black.

Create a Star Shape:

Select thePolyStar Tool on the toolbar.


Set it to Object Drawing Mode:

Click the Object Drawing button Object Drawing Mode in the Options section of the Tools panel.

Before drawing out your star you will need to set the shape options. On the properties palette select tool options:

Polystar Options

This opens the polystar options dialog box where you will enter the information below:


Drag your star out on the canvas.


Align Shape to Center of Stage:

Highlight The shape in Frame 1 by selecting the black arrow key and then clicking on the shape. Open the Align palette clicking Window then selecting Align.


At the Align option dialog box make sure To stage is selected and the Align center vertically and Align center horizontally is selected as shown below:

Align Options

Convert to a Symbol:

Make sure your star is still selected and click Modify then select Convert to a Symbol (or press F8). Name is star.-

Insert Keyframe:

Right click on Frame 40 and select INSERT KEYFRAME. This copies the shape across all the frames to frame 40.

Add Motion Animation:

Click anywhere between frames 1 and 40 then right click and select motion tween.On the Properties Palette set the Rotation to 25 times and the direction to 25.

Motion Tween

Press Ctrl + Enter to check out your movie. Make sure you publish it and save both the FLA and SWF file to your student folder.