Creating a Zoom Effect

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The image I am using for this activity is shown below. You can use this image or one of your own. When you find the image you want save it to your student folder.


First Import your image into Flash by selecting File then select Import to Stage:

Imprt Image

Using your free transform tool Free Transform make the image small centered on the stage (or large if you are going to create a zoom out effect).

Next you will need to covert the image to a symbol. Select the image with your selections tool Selection Tool then select Modify then Convert to Symbol.

Convert to Symbol

At the symbol dialog box give it a name and click OK to convert the image to a symbol


Make sure you have your image selected on the stage then right click and select motion tween.

Motion Tween

Your timeline should appear with a blue highlight up to frame 24. If you want to extend the tween select the end of the blue line and while holding down the left mouse drag it out to whatever frame you want to extend it to. I extended mine to frame 60 as shown below:


Frames Extended

Place your cursor in the last frame of the movie and then resize your picture.

Keyframe added

Notice that a black dot now appears in the last frame. Now we are going to zoom out. In frame 120 right click and select Insert Keyframe > Scale. This copies the image across frames 61 to 120.

Insert Keyframe

In frame 120 resize your image. I made mine smaller to give a zoom out effect.