Setting the Border Width

Netscape Navigator also supports the BORDER property, which allows you to specify the width of the frame borders. Unlike the BORDERCOLOR property, this property can be used only in the <FRAMESET> tag, and not in individual <FRAME> tags. The syntax for the BORDER property is:


where value is the width of the frame borders in pixels. To see how this property affects the appearance of your page, and also how your page would look without frames, you will remove the frame borders by setting the width to 0 pixels.

Return to the hauntedhideaways.html file in your text editor. Locate the Logo <FRAME> tag and delete the BORDERCOLOR property that you entered in the previous set of steps. Within the first <FRAMESET> tag, enter the property BORDER=0. Locate the line that reads <FRAMESET ROWS="60,*"> and before the end bracket, enter the the border property of 0. Save your changes and reload it in Netscape. Your page should now show no borders.

Congratulations Web Master!!! You have just completed a Web page with frames.

Haunted Hideaways