Controlling the Appearance of Frames

You can control three properties of a frame's appearance:

To control the appearance of a frame's scroll bars, use the SCROLLING property as follows:

<FRAME SRC=document SCROLLING=value>

Value can be either Yes (to display scroll bars) or NO (to remove scroll bars). If you do not specify the SCROLLING property, no scroll bar will appear unless the content of the frame is not large enough to view the entire frame. This is what has happened in my example listed above.

To control the amount of space between the frame source and the frame boundary, enter the following tag:


Where value is expressed in pixels. The margin width is the space to the left and right of the frame source. The margin height is the space above and below the frame source. If you do not specify a margin height or width, the browser will assign dimensions based on the content of the frame source.

To keep users from resizing frames, enter the tag:


To fix the problem with your logo, you'll work with the property for controlling scroll bars. Return to your hauntedhideaways text file. Within the <FRAME> tag for the logo frame, enter the property SCROLLING=NO as shown below:


Your next task is to solve the problem of the off-centered logo. To do so, you have to modify the internal margins of the frame.

Haunted Hideaways