Creating the Home Frame

Create a new text file in Notepad to represent the Home page that will describe the Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns and a pitch of why you would want to participate in this type of vacation as compared to other vacations. Name this file home.html. You will use your creativity in designing the page, and write a narrative description of why this vacation is a one in a lifetime adventure. You will use an image map of the United States that will interact with visitors that will act as a link to your four additional pages. The Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns are grouped according to region, Northeast, Southeast, Southcentral, Southwest, Northwest, and West. You will save the map below to your student folder, then attach six hotspots to the regions so visitors can choose the area of the United States with a click of the mouse. Follow the directions below to create an image map that will display on your home page:

Additional Pages
Save as HTML
Northeast neinns.html
Southeast seinns.html
Southcentral scinns.html
Southwest swinns.html
Midwest mwinns.html
West westinns.html

Here is a map that shows the regions in order to select the correct area:

Haunted Hideaways