Creating Floating Frames

Another way of inserting frames into your Web site is to use floating frames. A floating frame appears as a separate box or window within a Web page rather than on on one side or the top or bottom. A floating frame can be placed within a Web page in the same way that an inline image is placed within a page. To create a floating, you use the <IFRAME> tag. The syntax for a floating frame is:



where the width and height values are the width and height of the floating frame in pixels and URL is the document that appears within the frame. In addition to the WIDTH and HEIGHT properties, you can use other properties you've already applied to inline images via the <IMG> tag. For example, the Align property allows you to control the placement of the frame on the page and the way text flows around the frame. The HSPACE and VSPACE properties specify the amount of space between the floating frame and the surrounding text. As with the <FRAME> tag, the <IFRAME> tag also supports the FRAMEBORDER property to control the width of the frame border, the MARGINHEIGHT and MARGINWIDTH properties to control the size of the interior frame border, the SCROLLING property to turn scrolling on or off. You can also use the NAME property with the <IFRAME> tag if you need to direct your hyperlink targets to the floating frame.

You will now add a link and create an additional web page that will display information about who to contact. Information supplied on this page will include the name of the company, mailing address, e-mail address (that can be activated by clicking on it), phone numbers, and business hours. You will also include the necessary information about last update, etc. (see web page evaluation form).

Save this document with the name contactinfo.htmt.

To set up a floating frame, use the example below:



<TITLE>Contact Information</TITLE>



<H1><FONT FACE="Arial, Sans Serif">Contact Information</FONT></H1>

<IFRAME WIDTH=value HEIGHT=value ALIGN=value HSPACE=value SRC="contactinfo.html">


Place your Update JavaScript Here!!!




The align property should be either right or left. The text should wrap on either side of the floating frame.

Make sure you add a background that goes along with the website theme you have already created.

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