Creating Six Additional Web Page

You have already created the six web pages below in an earlier activity. You will now add your information for the bed and breakfast inns between your body tags.

Additional Pages


The first web site that will provide you with this information is provided below.

Haunted Bed and Breakfast Listings by Region

Open up one of your pages in your text editor. Make sure to align text on the page and use heading size to control the size of your font. After entering this information, go to the web sites listed below to find all the information needed to complete this activity. The following information will be displayed on this page, where name of state is the name of the state in that area that has a Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inn listing. List at least two states and two cities in each region, along with the name of the Bed and Breakfast and any local attractions. Use the following page layout as your guide:

Haunted Inns - Northeast U. S.

Name of State (Name of state located in Northeast U. S.)

Name of City (City located in this region)

Name of Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Description of Bed and Breakfast

Picture of Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Name of Any Local Attractions in that area, if any

Repeat the above steps until you have at least three bed and breakfast inns on each of the six external pages. In order to align the text with the indentation as above, use the <blockquote> and </blockquote> tags. Use the example below to create the template that will give you the look above.

First, center the text of the region at the top of your page.

Name of State

<blockquote>Name of City</blockquote>

<blockquote><blockquote>Name of Haunted Bed and Breakfast<Br><Br>

Description of Bed and Breakfast<Br><Br>

A Picture of the Bed and Breakfast should go here


Repeat the above page layout with the remaining regions, creating a separate page for each region. Remember to name it as specified above:

Haunted Inns - Southeast U. S.

Haunted Inns - Southcentral U. S.

Haunted Inns - Southwest U. S.

Haunted Inns - Midwest U. S.

Haunted Inns - West U. S.

Additional Web sites with Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns and Attractions:

Paranormal Travel Guide

Fortune City Hunted Travel

Haunted Places

Famous Haunted Places

The Shadowlands

If you need assistants on which state belongs in which region, click on the links below:

State Regions of the United States

United States Map

Haunted Hideaways