Working with Frames and Hypertext Links

Now that you've created the necessary frames and all the pages associated with the Haunted Hideaways and Happenings Web page, you're ready to work on the hypertext links on the page. The sections frame contains seven hperlinks: Home Page, Northeast, Southeast, Southcentral, Southwest, Midwest, and West.

When you want to control the behavior of hyperlinks in a framed framed page, you have to do two things: give each frame on the page a name and then point each hyperlink to one of those frames. First, decide the names you will assign to each frame. The frame which contains the logo will be assigned the name logo, the frame containing the sections will have the assigned name links, and the frame containing the home page will be given the name documents. To assign a name to the frame, you need to edit the <FRAME> tag on your home page as follows:


<FRAME SRC="sections.html" NORESIZE NAME=Links>


Now that you've named the frames, your next task is to specify the Documents frame as the target for the Home Page, Northeast, Southeast, Southcentral, Southwest, Midwest, and West pages, so that each of these will open in the home page frame.

Haunted Hideaways