Adding Pizzazz to Your Home Page

The company has also asked you to add a few visual graphics to the home page that will catch the attention of those paranormal followers (haunted house, lightning, etc.). Do not spend a great deal of time on this because later you will replace both the image map and the graphics with a flash movie. Yes, you will actually create a flash movie of a haunted house!!! Cool!!!! Remember, people that follow paranormal activities are not into the occult, but into ghost findings. When you are finished designing your page, view it in your browser. Remember, you want the page to bottom of your screen. When you get it the way you want it, save it then view it in you Frames Web page (hauntedhideaways.html). You should see it appear in the bottom frame, if not, make sure you put the home.html in your <FRAME SRC> tag as described in the frames section.

Once you have completed this activity, reload hauntedhideaways.html in your browser to see what your page looks like. We are not finished yet. You will now set margin controls for this frame on your main page. Return to hauntedhideaways.html in Notepad and edit the <FRAME SRC="home.html"> tag to read:


Haunted Hideaways