Specifying a Link Target

To display a page within a specific frame, you add the TARGET property to the <A> tag of the hyperlink. The syntax for this property is:

<A HREF=document TARGET=frame_name>

where name is the name you've assigned to a frame on your page. In this case the target name for the frame you need to specify is "Documents." To insert targets for the links, you have to add the <A> tags in the sections.html file.

Return to the sections.html file in your text editor. Insert the line <BASE TARGET=Documents> directly above the </HEAD> tag.

Next, you need to edit the name of your home and sections text to include an <A> tag to let the browser know where to go when you click on that name. You should still have the sections.html file open. Locate the line that contains the Home listing. Edit it by inserting the <A> tag as follows:




<A HREF="home.html">Home</A>

Continue to add the <A> tag to the rest of the sections, making sure you add the closing </A> tag at the end of each line. Save your changes and view it in a browser. Check to make sure your links go to the right pages.

There might be a time you will use Magic Target Names, however, you will not use it in this activity. To learn more about this feature, turn to page 5.22 in your textbook. The magic target name is used when you want to expand you table of contents (which is the sections of the U. S. in this activity).

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