Anchor Tags

Creating Anchors:

<A NAME="anchorname">

FYI: An anchor doesn't have to be just text. You can also mark an inline image using the same syntax:

<A NAME="IMAGE"><IMG SRC="filename.gif"></A>

Creating the Links:

After you anchor the text that will be the destination for your links, you need to create the links themselves. For this activity, you want to link the text you entered around your image to the six categories. To create a link to an anchor, you use the same tag you used to create the anchor preceded by the # sign. The difference is that instead of using the NAME property to define the anchor, you use the HREF property, short for Hypertext Reference, to indicate the location to jump to. For example if you named the anchor (a name="image">, the syntax for the link would be:

<a href="#image">Display Name</a>

FYI: To turn an inline image into a hypertext link, place it within link tags, as in:

<a href="#image"><IMG SRC="filename.gif"></a>