Certificate of Recognition
Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

Create a certificate of recognition for employee of the month. Be sure to include a line to that will later hold the recipient's name, date, type of award being given, company logo, and your name and/or company as the one presenting the award. Do not include a recipient's name at this time. In a later activity you will be ask to use this certificate for employee of the month for your company. Click on the link below to see an example of a certificate of recognition for employee of the month that uses both ClipArt and AutoShapes:

Certificate of Recognition

Before creating the certificate, two terms need to be addressed. The first term is input device, which inputs data into the computer. The main input device you will be using is the keyboard, which inputs text by keying in the letters that appear on the screen. Another input device you will use is the mouse. When you have completed your certificate, you will print it out on the network printer, which is an output device.

Including WordArt Text:

Creating AutoShapes:

Align and distribute shapes, follow the following steps:

Flipping and Rotating an Object:

Use the landscape orientation by completing the following steps:

Include a decorative art page border by completing the following steps:

Add a decorative font:

Inserting a line:

Include all of the following: