Create a Company Flyer
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Word 2007 Instructions
Word 2003 Instructions

Word 2007 Instructions:

Create a flyer advertising one one of your company's products, a sale, or an upcoming event. Possible examples could include a blow out sale, members only sale, etc.

Start Word 2007:

To start your Table of Contents open Microsoft Word (Programs > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Word 2007.

Click the Office button in the top left corner of the document window Office Button and select new from the drop down menu. Select new blank document:

New Document

Save Your Work:

Click the Office button again Office Button and select Save As from the drop down menu and name your file Business Flyer. See the information below on how you want to save your document.

Save As Options

Include a Decorative Font:

With the home tag selected click on the font face dropdown list and choose a font of your choice. Also size your font to fit on the page.


Center the Text Vertically on the Page:

Select all your text by holding down the left mouse button and dragging all the text of use the shortcut keys Ctrl + A.

Click the center alignment button Center Align in the home section. Your text should be even distributed on the page both vertically as well as horizontally.

Include a Decorative Art Page Border:

With the Page Layout tab selected click on the Page Borders button to open the Boarders and Shading dialog box.

Page Borders

With the Page Border tab selected click the Art dropdown list and choose a page border that will complement your page, one that goes along with the theme of your business.

Art Page Borders

Include a Watermark that Goes Along with the Theme of Your Company:

The first thing you will need to do is create your watermark. Open a new blank word document. .With the Insert tab selected click the Clip Art button to open the Clip Art dialog box.


At the Insert ClipArt dialog box, click in the Search for clips text box and key in a description of what you want to appear as a background image, and then press Go. This will generate a list of clipart graphics you can use.


Click on the image you want to appear in the background as a watermark. It will appear at the top left hand side of your page.

Image Inserted on Page

Decrease or increase the image by dragging the sizing handles (they are shown above and are the circle/rectangles that appear around the image) to the size you want it to appear behind the text.


With the image still selected (it will appear with a rectangle around as shown above) and click on text wrapping and select behind text.

Text Wrapping

You will now be able to move your image to the center of your document. Drag you image so that is appears to be center aligned both vertically and horizontally.

Center Align on Page

With the Page Layout tab selected click Watermark and then select Save Selection to Watermark Gallery.


Give your Watermark and name then click OK to add your watermark to the Watermark Gallery.

Name Watermark

Close this document without saving it. We just used it to create the watermark for our flyer which is now saved to the Watermark Gallery. Return to your flyer and click Watermark then scroll down and click on the saved watermark that you created.

Select Watermark

Your watermark now appears on your page.


Save your document and name it Flyer. Proofread and spell check you document then submit it for grading.

Horizontal Rule

Word 2003 Instructions:

Creating a Company Flyer Video

Create a flyer advertising one one of your company's products, a sale, or an upcoming event.