Company Logo
Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

Setting up the Fireworks document:

Open Fireworks:

The company name:

Creating the company logo sub-text:

Using the same font, insert the rest of your company name, or some other descriptive phrase, underneath the main header. Use a much smaller font size, and increase the letter spacing by putting a space between each letter in the insert text dialog box.

Adding a graphic element to your company logo design:

Color need to be added to the top and bottom edge. To do this:

At this point, your company logo design is finished,. It will look good both on screen and on paper. However, if you want to embellish it further for the screen, then read on. Embellishing your company logo design will make it look nicer, but it won't be as clear.

Adding some effects to your text:

To add effects to your text, click on your company title, open the effects panel by clicking Window and selecting effects. The following text was given these effects.

Adding an effect to your image: