Student Evaluation Rubric

Content: General concept of international products was apparent in business presentation.
1 Only one or two aspects of the international product are addressed.
2 Most areas of the international product are addressed.
3 All areas of the international theme are addressed.

Focus: The documents and webpages were formatted with the international theme.
1 Very little of the countries theme was present.
2 Some of the country's theme was present.
3 The theme was clearly present on all document and webpages.

Graphics: Graphics depicted the theme of the country and were apparent throughout the project (Logo was present throughout project).
1 Graphics contributed little to the overall project.
2 Only some graphics were present in the overall project.
3 Excellent use of graphics.

Special effects: Appropriate use of special effects that do not detract from
1 Too many distracting special effects.
2 Good placement of special effects. Might be distracting to some people.
3 Excellet placement of special effects. Not distracting.

Organization: Plan of project connects with content in a reasonable way.
1 No plan is present/project is unorganized.
2 Some planning/project has good organization.
3 Elements of project are well planned and logically presented.

Mechanics: Correct spelling and grammar.
1 More than 4 errors in spelling and grammar.
2 Three or less spelling or grammatical errors.
3 No mispellings or grammatical errors.

Communication: Does the project communicated to the audience for which it is intended.
1 No evidence of whom project is intended.
2 Evident but not clear.
3 Clearly evident.

Grading Information: Student will use rubric as a guide and to self evaluate. The rubric will then be used to evaluate peers Power Point Projects and to provide feedback.

16-21 A Excellent

14-15 B Good

12-13 C Fair

0-11 Not exceptable. Redo