Creating Personalized Microsoft Office Documents For an International Business
Lesson Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

Lesson Plan
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Your job is to investigate international businesses and the products they sell in order to determine the country and product you want to represent. You will plan the look of your business, giving it the international theme of the country you chose. Next, you will create Microsoft office products to advertise your business, formatted with the international theme of your country. Last, students will evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their Microsoft office products as compared to their peers products with a student evaluation rubric. Every student will select a different country to bring diversity to the completed class projects. Below are just a few international listings to get you started on researching the international business that is right for you. To further assist you, a world map can be found at the web address below:

Another helpful site to use when deciding on your country is It provides all kinds of information about each country, as well as the countries flag. Click on the link below to begin researching different countries at

You can also look for products by country. Choose the country that you want to represent, then go to and type in the name of the country followed by the word "product". How I found the products from China, I typed in "China products" in the search box, and several listings were provided. Look around the listed sights until you find the products you want to sell in your international online business. When designing your logo and website, you will need to create a look of the country's culture. You will also list prices of your products in English monetary units as well as the monetary unit of the country you chose. You will use The Full Universal Currency Converter to assist you in converting the currency from U.S. products to the currency of your international business. The sooner you get your country approved, the sooner you can begin your business venture!!!!

China Product Ideas

New Zealand Product Ideas

India Product Ideas

Food Products From Mexico

Italian Product Ideas

France Product Ideas

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