Products Brochure
Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

You will use Microsoft Publisher to create a products brochure advertising your company. The brochure will include your company logo, product information, cultural value that the product reflects about the country, and the actual physical address of the facility where the products are made. Include a map to the location using the National Geographics Interactive Map.

The Objects Toolbar will be the main toolbar you will use in this activity. Below is a description of what each of the tools do:

Pointer Tool- Selects lines, shapes, graphics, and text boxes. Selected items can be resized and their attributes changed.
Text Frame Tool-Created text frames. This is what you will use to create the message for your greeting card.
Table Frame Tool-Created table frames.
WordArt Frame Tool-Created a WordArt frame.
Picture Frame Tool-Created a frame in which a picture may be inserted. You would use this tool if you found a picture on the Internet and saved it to your folder.
Clip Gallery Tool-Created a frame in which a piece of clip art my be inserted. Not only can clipart be inserted from the hard drive, but also online by clicking the Clips Online button at the top of the Clip Gallery.
Line Tool-Creates a line.
Oval tool-Creates circular and oval shapes.
Rectangle Tool-Creates rectangular shapes.
Custom Shapes-Creates a wide variety of different shaped boxes (e.g., hearts, lightning bolts, thought boxes).
Web Development Tools-Tools used for the creation of Web pages. Publisher is not a good web publishing software, so these tools will not be covered.
Design Gallery Object-Inserts a wide array of different objects from the Microsoft Publisher Design Gallery (e.g., coupons, advertisements, logos).

The text frame tool on the objects toolbar is used to enter any text in your brochure.

In order to change the font attributes, you would click the following tools on the formatting toolbar:

Include ClipArt, WordArt, or Pictures by clicking on the appropriate tools shown above.
You can continue to include all words and graphics on all pages of your brochure by clicking on the numbers listed at the bottom of your document screen.
When you have completed this activity, print out your brochure so your classmates can see the finished product.

Open Microsoft Publisher. Choose the informational brochure you wish to use to construct your product's brochure. Make sure you use enough graphics to make it appealing to someone who is looking for a place to visit. Also, include a map of the where your facility is located.

Save your document with the name Product Brochure.

Have you teacher check it over, then print it out for your portfolio. Make sure you have your teacher fill in your grade for this project on you Grading Rubric.