Product Research
Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

In order to give your customers a thorough background of your product, you will provide a three page research paper on different aspects that are directly related to the production and delivery of the finished item to the public. Areas that will be addressed include, but not limited to the description of various products sole, environmental and social issues, and how the product will impact society as a whole.

Ideas to write about under each heading:

Description of Product:

Give a brief description of your product line. This will inform your potential customers what products you have in inventory and what they could use them for. You will want to add a persuasive piece within this section so customers will want to read more about your product line.

Environmental/Social Issues:

This component has come to light within the last decade. Customers want to know that you are not violating any moral standards, example, children are not working in factors ten hours a day for less than minimum wage. Another issue that can make or break a business is environmental issues. When manufacturing your product, are you polluting the air , soil, or water supply?

Product Ingredients:

Another component that consumers look at are what ingredients are used to put together your final product. Consumers favor natural ingredients over synthetic (man made). Depending on your product, natural might not be a choice. Be sure to research this component, and inform you customers right up front. While it is mandatory to include this information when purchasing products in retail stores, online businesses should also follow this requirement.

Product Comparison:

This is where you either make or break a business venture. Why should consumers choose to buy your product over someone else's? You will need to research other companies selling this product online and give an accountable description of why your product is better than your competitors. This is the piece of the research paper that includes a marketing strategy that will persuade potential customers to buy only your product. You could even include a slogan for your business here.

Impact of Product on Society:

What difference does you product have on society. Does it make your everyday chores easier? Does it bring about family values? Maybe your product enhances the flavor of food that reminds the consumer of mama's home cooking Give this sections great thought because this will be the wrap up of your product presentation.

Directions for Creating a Research Paper In Word

MLA Documentation Style

When writing papers, you should adhere to some style documentation. The research paper in this project follows the guidelines presented by the MLA. Here are some basic guidelines for formatting a paper in MLA style:

Start Word:

Changing the Margins:

Change to Page Layout View:

The default view for Word is Normal, which displays a page break as a row of dots. In Print Layout view, a page break displays as an actual break in a page.

Create a Title Page


Olives Are Us Product Analysis

Suzy Q Sumner

Pahokee Middle Senior High School

Instructor: Mrs. Nicholson


Double Space Title Page:


Insert a Page Break After the Title Page:

You want to begin a new page, and Microsoft Word has a feature that will automatically return your cursor to a new page.

Include An Abstract:

Page two is the Abstract for the paper. It is a brief (100-150 words) comprehensive summary of the research paper. The word Abstract is centered as the first line of type on this page. Type the abstract as a single paragraph in block format (i.e., without paragraph indentation). Notice the paragraph is not indented.

FYI: Word has a built in word count feature. To check an entire document:

To check a section of a document:

Insert a page break after the last word on the abstract page.


Two hundred years ago, in a small Greek village, Dwain Summit opened a small olive shop.

He began experimenting with .......................................


Body of Paper:

Page three is the beginning of the body of the paper. The title of the paper appears (centered) one double-space below the Short Title in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will format the Short Title later in this project so don't worry about it now. The first line of the body of the paper appears one double-space below the title. You will enter the first subheading here. Type your paper along with all five headings inserted like the first one shown below. Your paper should be three typed pages. Your title page, abstract, table of contents, and works cited pages are additional pages. The title page and abstract page appears before the body of the paper. The table of contents and works cited pages will be covered in depth later in the project.

Olives Are Us
Olives Are Us Product Analysis

Description of Product:

Olives Are Us is an online business that brings the best olive products straight
from Greece right to your home. We carry Olive Oil, ............................................................

Double Space Document:

Your page should already be formatted to double space. If for some reason it is not set to double spacing, follow the directions below:

Check for Page Breaks:

Check page breaks in the document and adjust them if needed. To check for page breaks, you will need to change to the Print Layout view. The default view for Word is Normal, which displays a page break as a row of dots. In Print Layout view, a page break displays as an actual break in a page.

Table of Contents with Page Numbers:

A table of contents appears at the beginning of a book, manuscript, or report and contains headings and subheadings with page numbers. A table of contents can be created by applying heading styles to text to be included in the table of contents. When creating a table of contents, there are two steps involved:

Creating an Alphabetical Works Cited Page:

Works cited page is a bibliographical list of works you reference directly in your paper. Your sources will actually be Internet sites and will be cited a little different than citing from a book, magazine, journal, or newspaper. The list is placed on a separate page with the title, Works Cited, entered one inch from the top margin. The works are to be alphabetized by the the author's last name or, if the work has no author, by the work's title. The fist line of each entry begins at the left margin; subsequent lines of the same entry are indented one-half inch from the left margin.

The first step in creating the works cited page is to force a page break so the works cited display on a separate page.

Sorting Paragraphs:

As stated above, your works site list need to appear in alphabetical order by author's last name. With Word, you can arrange paragraphs in alphabetic, numeric, or date order based on the first character in each paragraph. Ordering characters in this manner is called sorting. Arrange the works cited paragraphs in alphabetic order as stated below: