Create a Webpage for the Main Frame that Contains a Flash Movie

Create another webpage in Dreamweaver. Make sure you make the background color the same as your other two pages. Now you will need to create a movie in Flash. You will need to create a storyboard to help you map out what you want to include in your movie. For ideas and instructions for using and creating different things in flash refer to the link below:

Nich's Flash 8 Tutorials

Importing an External Sound File
You cannot import any sound, it can only be certain file formats:

You must use a sound loop that is free for public use. One site is Remember you want your sound loop to represent the region you are presenting. Once you find your sound loop save it to your local root folder. You will then need to import it to your library in Flash. Select File > Import to Library:

Import to Library

Create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon shown below:

New Layer

Name this new layer sound. Drag your sound loop from the library and drop it on the stage.Make sure all your other layers are locked. You should now see a blue line representing your sound in the movie:

Sound Layer

Once you completed you flash movie you will need to save it in swf format. Remember to save in in fla format as well because this is the file that you are able to edit. To save in fla format click File > Save as and make sure

fla file format

Now you need to publish it for the web. Click File > Publish Settings:]

Publish Setting

When you publish your files in Flash, make sure that you are publishing the SWF file and it's supporting HTML file. The HTML file Flash outputs will make it much easier for you to get the animation to work as planned. To make sure you are publishing your files in both HTML and SWF, go to File > Publish Settings: Formats. Under the Formats area, make sure both HTML and SWF are checked.

Flash Formats

Once you have made sure that Flash will publish both HTML and SWF, you should click on the Publish button. (Unless you are not done with your animation; in which case you would first finish then press Publish).


Then press OK to close the Publish dialog box.


Now you will need to export it as a movie and designate it as a swf file. First select File > Export Movie:

File Export Movie

Make sure give it a file name and select Flash Movie (*.swf) as the file format.

SWF Format

At the Export Flash Player dialog box make sure you set your settings as shown below:

Export Flash Player

Click OK to finish compressing and saving the movie in swf format.

Return to Dreamweaver. Make sure you give your page a name! Click Insert > Media > Flash.

Insert Flash

Click OK. Then give your movie a Title.

Object Tag

Click OK to place the flash movie on the page. You will not see your flash movie in Dreamweaver you will see a gray box like the one shown below:

Flash Tag

To see the flash movie you can either click the play button located on the Properties panel or click F12 to see it in a browser.