Choosing the Frame Layout for Your Page

Open Dreamweaver and select New HTML document from the menu.

Click on the common tab and choose Layout from the drop down options.


Click on the Frames icon and then choose Top and Nested Left Frames:

Nested Frames

You will be prompted to name each of your frames. Click OK to assign the name topFrame, leftFrame, and mainFrame to your frame layout.


You will now see that in the code section (click on the code tab) Code of Dreamweaver each of your frames have now been named:

Named Frames

Before doing anything, save the frameset - this is the file name of the page your customers will go to or the name of your website. FYI: When you are creating a website for someone their home page needs to be called index. You will know that you are saving a frameset by the tab on the document. It should say UntitledFrameset - 1:


Simply click File > Save Frameset As and give the frameset a name.

Save Frameset