Creating a Storyboard/Plan Sheet for Your Client

Client Before designing a web page for a client you will need to set up an interview to find out the client’s needs, goals, and target audience. The three reasons for creating a plan sheet for your client is to:

Storyboard includes:

First you will submit two documents that will explain the content of your website. You will submit a map with your travel hotspot locations along with a word document describing the travel destination as explained in the task section. Remember you will need to save a picture of each destination that will be saved in your pics folder we will set up later.

Next you will need to let your client know how the site will look. You will create three separate web pages that will showcase your color scheme as well as some of the graphics you will use to create the website in Dreamweaver. The three pages will load into three frames:

An example of a frames website is the Unnamed Storm of 1928 webpage that I created for the 7th grade MYP students you can assess below:

Thee Unnamed Storm of 1928 Webquest

Some examples of flash movies that you will include in the right frame made by past students can be assessed below:

Ryans European Vacation

Marile's Asian Vacation Flash Movie

Alexeya's African Vacation Flash Video