Create a Webpage for the Top Frame

Open Dreamweaver and create a new html page. Save it with the name top. Create a graphic in Fireworks that you will use as your title. I would save it in Fireworks format by clicking File > Save as and make sure that it is saving as a png file. In a later assignment you will be asked to create titles for your travel destination pages. If you have saved this title as a fireworks file you can use it to create the rest of your titles. This way you will always be able to edit your graphic. You can then also export it as a gif or jpg file. The title I created is shown below:

European Vacations

Once you have saved the title to your folder and with the top Dreamweaver page opened click Insert > Image.

Insert Image

Navigate to your folder and choose the image file. To change the color of your page background select Modify > Page Properties and select a color that will blend into the background of your page. Save top webpage to your local root folder.

Select Background Color