MYP 9th/10th Grade Curriculum
Lessons Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

International Business Website/Creating Web Pages with HTML

As young entrepreneurs, students will create an international business whose products will be housed and sold entirely online. Each student will choose a different country to bring diversity to the class project. Students will first investigate products that would reflect the culture of their chosen country. Students will need to come up with a company name and a URL (web address). For example "Olives are Us" could be used as a company name and the URL could be Next, you will plan the look of your business, giving it the international theme of your chosen country. You will then create a one page Web layout with links to the items’ descriptions and pictures. Also, make sure you print a copy of the grading rubric for your portfolio and have your teacher mark your grades as you complete each rubric component. Last, teachers and students will evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their website using a web page evaluation criteria rubric.

International Business Project/Creating Web Pages With HTML

International Business Web Design/Creating Web Page Forms Using HTML

You have decided to add a survey on your website to get customer's input that will be used to provide better service delivery and information on how they heard about your company. Your company has already created the pages that display your products, but now you will need to create an online order form so that potential customers will be able to purchase products with a click of their mouse. You will need to add a button on your home page that will open the order form page, as well as a link to the survey page that will open in a new window. The last part of the project will include making a power point presentation that will be an advertisement of your products. You will also include another button on your home page that will open the power point presentation on the web. Since this is an advertisement piece, make sure you include information on why your products are the best on the market. Include why your product is better than your competitors and include information on environmental and social issues related to the manufacturing of your products. An example of an environmental piece is the Bryers Ice Cream commercial where they advertise they only use natural products in their ice cream where their competitors include synthetic ingredients. The social component could include topics like "our company's environment is like one large family." Make sure you include both the social and environmental issues in your presentation.

Creating Web Page Forms Using HTML

Creating an International Travel Frames Website

Your project for this nine weeks is to create an online travel agency that caters to the worldwide traveler. You will use your expertise on writing HTML to add the right flavor to your website.

Go to the following website ( and choose one of the International Regions you want to cover:

Notice North America was not listed. Since we are focused on international travel destinations, you will choose from the above areas. The regions will be dispersed evenly among the class in order to bring diversity to the class project. You will need to sign up with your teacher first. Be able to give a reason for requesting that particular region. Example: I am truly amazed by the pyramids in the region and want to learn more about them.

The first step will be to investigate your assigned area by collecting, analyzing, selecting, organizing and evaluating researched information. During the research process you will be evaluating the sources of information for their reliability of their findings. You will want to divide your area into regions. You will plan out how to divide the regions up by the position of each hotspot. This will be explained later in detail.

You will also be collecting information about your hotspot so you can give your potential traveler information about what it is they will be seeing. Make sure you put the description in your own words. No plagiarism!

You will also need to obtain a picture of your vacation spot. Make sure you investigate several sites in order to find a quality picture for your website.

The most important part of this project is the research done ahead of time. Remember you must divide your area into regions naming them accordingly; north, northeast, south, southeast, etc. Make sure you have included at least 25 historical/educational sites for your potential traveler to visit. When you have completed this part of the project you will be ready to move on to creating a interactive website that your potential travelers can use to plan out their destinations.

Click on the link below to get started on this exciting project!

Creating a Frames Website

Creating an International Cuisine Frames Website

Your project for this nine weeks is to create an online gourmet restaurant that showcase a menu of a chosen international cuisine. You will select a certain ethnic region that will display foods from that are in the following five areas:

Each of you will chose a different region, an ethnic area that you have not represented in earlier projects. This will bring diversity to our project, making each one of you an expert in your assigned area.

You will create the menu using international cuisine websites or books on international foods. Each category should include at least 5 items for each. You will also provide a description and price of the dish, along with a picture. When describing the dish, use descriptive words (adjectives) to let the customer have some idea of what the dish will taste like. You will also list the ingredients that make up the dish (onions, garlic, etc). Some people are allergic to certain foods and restaurants are obligated to provide this information to their customers. Each link for each category (that will be displayed on a separate Web page) will load in the main window like the activity you completed with your International Travel. Remember, you must assign a name to each Webpage in your Frames Skeleton page. There will be five separate URL links, one for each of the above categories. At the end of this activity, you will insert a JavaScript that will display the special for each day, along with its description.

Your home page will provide the ethnic background of the region and the significance of the ingredients that are used in your dishes. The total look of your website should reflect the region that you are representing.

On each of your external pages, a thumbnail of the dish will be shown. For this project, you will learn how to create a popup page that will open a new document when you click on the thumbnail picture that will provide a larger picture of the dish along with the actual recipe. Make sure that you add your name to each of your recipes in the form of Submitted by: Your Name. So for each of your five dishes listed, you will have five additional pages that will show a larger picture of your dish along with the actual recipe.

You will also include an interactive form that customers can fill out to order these items online. This will also be a link that will load in the main frame of your frames page. This is an additional page, making six external pages instead of five.

Create an additional page, making seven external links, that is in the form of a floating frame that will contain your company's contact information. If you need a refresher on this activity, refer to the floating frames lesson in the International Business Web Design/Creating Web Page Forms Using HTML project.

You have used buttons up to this point to move about your website. Jump menus have become increasingly popular on websites. You will create a Two Frames Web page using the Three Frames page that include a jump menu that will load the eight pages (home, appetizers, entrees, side dishes, breads/baked goods, desserts, contact information, and interactive form).

You will also include a Javascript StartForm() function (inserted into the Notepad Text editor) that will:

Once you have completed this project, you will then save all your recipes to an external disk. You should have a total of twenty-five recipe pages. Remember to include your name on each recipe page in the form of Submitted by:Your Name. At the bottom of your document make sure you include the source of the recipe. Whenever you use someone else's work, always make a reference to where you obtained the information.

You will then learn to upload pages to the school's website using Ipswitch WS_FT, a FTP protocol software. When all pages have been uploaded, the end result will be an online International Cuisine Cookbook that will appear on the International Baccalaureate website. Not only will this be a way to showcase your work, but a way to let others know what great things our IB students do at Pahokee Middle Senior High School.

The last activity of the year will be an International Bon Appetite Festival where each of you will make a dish from your selected region to present to the class. You will provide a brief background of the county, along with the significance of the ingredients of the food to its region. You will create at least two to three Power Point slides that you will use when presenting the dish to your classmates. This is a way to share and showcase your expertise of your region, as well as your culinary skills. What a great way to end the year!!!

Creating an International Cuisine Frames Website

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