International Business Web Design/ Creating Web Page Forms Using HTML

Lesson Plan
Lessons Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
Copyright 2003

1. Creating Buttons For Your Home Page 2. Working with CGI Scripts
3. Starting an Online Form with the <Form> Tag 4. Working With and Creating Input Boxes
5. Controlling the Size of an Input Box 6. Setting a Default Value for an Input Box
7. Inserting a Horizontal Line 8. Creating a Selection List
9. Modifying the Appearance of a Selection List 10. Adding Another Input Box
11. Working with Radio Buttons 12. Working with Check Boxes
13. Add Another Horizontal Line 14. Creating a Text Area
15. Creating Form Buttons 16. Creating Image Fields for Form Buttons
17. Working with Hidden Fields/E-Mail Address 18. Working with Form Properties
20. Using Event Handlers/Changing the Background Color on Your Form 21. Using the onLoad Event Handler/Loading Date Automatically
22. Creating Calculated Fields 23. Validating User Input/Using the "this" Keyword
23. Notifying the User with Alert and Confirm Dialog Boxes 24. Creating the Shopping Order Form From a Free JavaScript Source
25. Formatting the JavaScript Shopping Form 26. Create a Power Point Presentation
27. Publishing Your Power Point Presentation to the Web 28. Loading a Page in a New Window
Creating Web Page Forms with HTML
You have decided to add a survey on your website to get customer's input that will be used to provide better service delivery and information on how they heard about your company. Your company has already created the pages that display your products, but now you will need to create an online order form so that potential customers will be able to purchase products with a click of their mouse. You will need to add a button on your home page that will open the order form page, as well as a link to the survey page that will open in a new window. The last part of the project will include making a power point presentation that will be an advertisement of your products. You will also include another button on your home page that will open the power point presentation on the web. Since this is an advertisement piece, make sure you include information on why your products are the best on the market. Include why your product is better than your competitors and include information on environmental and social issues related to the manufacturing of your products. An example of an environmental piece is the Bryers Ice Cream commercial where they advertise they only use natural products in their ice cream where their competitors include synthetic ingredients. The social component could include topics like "our company's environment is like one large family." Make sure you include both the social and environmental issues in your presentation.

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