International Business Project
Creating Web Pages With HTML

Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric
Lessons Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
Copyright 2003
1. Document Content and Tags 2. Heading Size
3. Creating A Paragraph 4. Creating Six Categories
5. Lists 6. Character Tags
7. Inserting a Horizontal Line 8. Creating and Inserting a Business Logo
9. Creating Hypertext Links Between Elements Within Your Document 10. Anchor Tags
11. Define A Color Theme 12. Modifying Text with the <FONT> Tag
13. Web Page Structure 14. Creating Links Between Documents
15 Creating a Text Table 16. Formatting A Table
17. Cell Alignment 18. Table Header
19. Creating a Background for Your Web Page 20. Adding Border Color to Your Table
21. Adding a Colored Background to Your Table 22. Entering Data into Your Table
23. Creating a Button in Fireworks 24. Giving Your Title Some Oomph!!!
25. Using the ALT Property with Image Tags 26. Aligning Text Around An Image
27. Programming with JavaScript/The Script Tag 28. Sending Output to a Web Page
29. Creating JavaScript Functions 30. Creating Arrays
31. Working with Loops 32. Using the If...Else Statement

As young entrepreneurs, students will create an international business whose products will be housed and sold entirely online. Each student will choose a different country to bring diversity to the class project. Students will first investigate products that would reflect the culture of their chosen country. Students will need to come up with a company name and a URL (web address). For example "Olives are Us" could be used as a company name and the URL could be Next, you will plan the look of your business, giving it the international theme of your chosen country. You will then create a one page Web layout with links to the items’ descriptions and pictures. Also, make sure you print a copy of the grading rubric for your portfolio and have your teacher mark your grades as you complete each rubric component. Last, students will evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their website using a web page evaluation criteria rubric.

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