Using Audacity for Podcasting

Podcasting Activity Files

Audaicty can also be used for creating podcasts. The difference between music files made in Audacity and podcast is the export file format. When exporting sound files for digital and movie projects, you would export the file as a WAV file. When making a audio file for podcasting, the file must be exported as a MP3 file.

The Audacity Lame MP3 encoder is needed to enable Audacity to export MP3 files. You'll need this plugin if you're using Audacity to create podcasts in the MP3 format. The download link below will enable you to download and install the LAME MP3 plugin.

When you have finished downloading LAME, unzip it and save the file lame_enc.dll anywhere on our computer. When you launch Audacity and use the "Export as MP3" command for the first time, Audacity will ask you where the lame_enc.dll is saved.

Before you can begin to use Audacity to create MP3 files, you must download and install the Audacity Lame MP3 encoder. You can download the most recent version of Audacity Lame encoder by following the link below:

Audacity Lame MP3 Encoder Download

Click on the link below and scroll down to "Setting Up Audacity Preferences on Your Computer." This will tell you how to set up the preferences for your podcast.

Setting Up Audacity Preferences on Your Computer

Another useful link that includes helpful tutorials in video format is listed below:

Audacity Tutorials for Podcasters

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