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On September 16, 1928, a category four unnamed hurricane moved over West Palm Beach to the northern shore of

Lake Okeechobee where it produced horrendous waves that reached heights up to 15 feet. The death toll from this storm was reported to be at 1836, and they were mostly from drowning. The Red Cross reported 1879 people injured. This storm ranks as one of the three deadliest natural disasters to strike the United States. By noon on the day of the storm, many of the people around the lake had heard of the approaching cyclone. Some people even took the initiative to drive the maze of roads around the lake to spread the news and to urge people to seek shelter. But as the afternoon progressed and the great storm grew nearer, hundreds of families, landowners, and laborers went about their work on the broad, flat terrain with no idea of what was about to occur. What factors caused such a horrific disaster? What preventive measures have been taken to keep this from ever happening again? You are the journalist that will tell the story of this forgotten storm. It is your responsibility to make an impression on those who are not aware of this event, so that it will never go forgotten again.