Creating Interactive Forms In Microsoft Word

Author: Patricia Janann Nicholson
Curriculum Area: Instructional Technology
Subject Area: Computer Applications I
Sunshine State Standard Benchmark:
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of varied input and output devices, and awareness of file management and transfer concepts.
  • Produce documents using specified functions of appropriate word processing software.
    • LA.B.1.4.3-produce final documents that have been edited for
      • correct spelling
      • correct punctuation, including commas, colons, and common use of semicolons;
      • correct capitalization
  • Manipulate graphic images using varied applications.
    • LA.D.2.4.3-recognizes production elements that contribute to the effectiveness of a specific medium.


Grade Level: 9th-12th
Lesson Title: Creating Interactive Forms Using the Forms Toolbar
Resources: Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues:
Learning Objective:

Students will:

  • read and follow the directions for creating an interactive form letter in Microsoft Word.
  • use the spell and grammar features in Microsoft Word to correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • use the Forms Toolbar to insert text boxes and check boxes
  • use the document protect feature to lock the word document
  • use the tables and borders toolbar to draw a table
  • use data collected from form to use for a student created purchase order


Instructions: Students will follow the instructions provided at Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues Webpage. Finished product will included items listed in the grading rubric listed below.
Assessment Forms Rubric