Adding Narration and Audio to a Movie Project

Narrating Your Movie:

Narrate Timeline


Start and Stop Narration

Play Timeline

To Insert Audio:

In order to add audio to your story you first must import it. Once you have it in the collection bin, follow the steps below. It is very important that you don't use music CDs due to copyright issues. This has become a major issue in education in the last few years. Most feel that you can use copyright materials for educational purposes, but this has proven to be a misconception and is highly frowned upon in the education community. Midi files were once thought to be safe but with the recent lawsuits brought on to midi websites, this has also proven to be an incorrect assumption. There is a fool proof way to insert music into a story and that is by having the student create their own. This can be done with a free software entitled Audacity. For download information and online tutorials click here to learn more about this awesome program.

Audio Adjustments:

After inserting audio, you have a number of options for adjusting transitions between music clips, adjusting the volume of a clip, and adjusting the audio strength between video and music.

Drag Audio

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