Adding Titles

Frames containing text can be added before, after, or on any clip or still image. Each frame can hold only a limited amount of text, so inserting multiple paragraphs of text may require using several successive frames with few sentences on each frame. You can specify the color of the text and background as well as the text font.

To add titles, select the appropriate clip in the storyboard. If you are doing the activity that goes with this tutorial it will be the picture called TitleSlide. Drag the Title Slide to the Storyboard, then click on it to select it. Select Make Titles or Credits from the Tools menu.

Make Title

The following options are available. To put the title on the picture, you would select:

Add title to selected clip

This will take you to the Enter Text Title diaolog box shown below. Type in your text then click the two options to change the animation, text color, and text font.

Text Title

As you enter text, the font size will adjust automatically to fill the frame. The various formats and animations allow for a variety to different presentations of text. A little experimentation here will illustrate the possibilities. It is also possible to superimpose titles on the clips to function as subtitles. However, they are automatically positioned in the lower third of the screen and it's not possible to fine-tune their placement for good visibility. Click Done, add title to movie to return to the Storyboard view. To edit the text you must double click on the title overlay clip on the Storyboard shown below. This will open the Enter Text for Title dialog box shown above.

Title Overlay

Continue adding text to clips in the movie where appropriate.

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