Inserting Video and Pictures and Editing Your Movie

Creating a Storyboard in a Software Program as a Map for Your Movie:

First look at the files you have collected, then make a plan on how to put them together to tell your story. You can create a storyboard in Inspiration, PowerPoint, Word, or any program you are familiar with. This will be a map that will be used to determine how your clips will be placed in the Movie Maker storyboard.

Placing the Clips on the Storyboard:

The next step is to take the pictures, audio and videos and place them on the timeline. Make sure that the Storyboard view is up. If the Storyboard view is not showing, click on the button marked Show Storyboard outlined in red below to turn the Storyboard on.


Click, hold down the mouse button, and drag and drop pictures onto storyboard. Use the CTRL button to select multiple clips. Move the clips around as needed to set the sequence of your show.

Clips in Storyboard View

To Trim Clips:


Scroll Bar

Start Trim Point

Set End Trim

The Trim function also servesas a manual length editing tool. In the timeline window, you can manipulate the length (duration) of images, videos, audio or music. Trim works to primarily reduce the length of videos, audio or music, but for images, trim can also be used to extend or increase duration.

Trim Clip

Splitting Clips:

You can also use the split the clip into two clips button is an easy way to split a clip. It is highlighted below. If you desire to delete one of the new portions, click on that portion (highlighted in white) and either right click and select delete or press delete on the keyboard.

Split Clips

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