Importing Video, Pictures, and Music that is Saved on your Computer into a Collection

There are tons of resources on the Internet and can easily be saved to your hardrive. Remember, when working on a project, make sure you save each project to a different folder. This helps keep your project intact when saving it to an external device like a CD or Jump Drive.

Depending on what type of digital media file you want to import will determine which option you choose.

In the Movie Tasks pane, under Capture Video, click:


In File name, browse for the file you want to import, and then click Import. When selecting more than one file you can hold the Shift Key down to select files that adjacent to each other. For files that are non-linear, hold down the Control key while selecting more than one file. If you want selected video files to be separated into smaller clips, select the Create clips for video files check box. Your video, pictures and audio files will now appear in the collection bin as shown below:

Collection Bin

When importing video clips, Movie Maker 2 might place the video in a different collection. That is no problem because you can switch between collections by dropping down the collection menu and click on the collection you want to use.

Collection List

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