Movie Maker 2 Tutorials
Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

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Windows Movie Maker 2 is a Microsoft Windows program that makes movies amazingly fun and easy, letting you create, edit, and share your movies right on your computer with a few simple drag-and-drop moves. Add special effects, music, and narration. It is a program that students can easily learn and use to do project work supporting almost any subject.

First decide the project or movie you would like to make then search the Internet for pictures, videos, and audio files you want to use. IMovie, a Mac computer software similar to Movie Maker, put out a campaign of a video they made to show how this type of software can be used in the classroom. If showing this to your class for an example, be sure to view the entire video in its entirety so that it downloads on your hard drive. The first time you view the video it will take a little while to load, but will load quickly the second go round. If you delete your temporary Internet files, you will have to view the video again to get it on to your hard drive. This video is a great example for students to see what a good video looks like.

Think Different Movie

While this project utilizes videos, pictures, and audio downloaded from the Internet, you can use Windows Movie Maker to capture audio and video to your computer from a video camera, Web camera, or other video source, and then use the captured content in your movies.

Make a folder on your hard drive and save all your project files there. Make sure to save this activity as a movie file so you can edit it. If you render the movie without saving the movie as a project you will not be able to edit your finished product once you have closed it.

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