Rendering/Saving the Final Result

The final step is to have Movie Maker render all the clips, stills, transitions, and effects into a movie. This can take several minutes to an hour or more depending on the length of the movie, so plan for it. If you have done a lot of work and don't want to have to start from scratch again if you want to make a small change, save your work as a project first. Then if you do decide to make a change, you can pick up from this point.

Save to My Computer

Save Movie

Selecting More Movie Saving Options:

From the drop down menu you are given the option of selecting one of the settings. Note: all of the settings except one will compress the file size to varying degrees as indicated at the bottom left of the Movie Settings window. All of the settings options, except one, will save your project as a proprietary Windows Media Version (wmv) file. If you choose, you may select the non-proprietary AVI (NTSC) file. This option will save your project as an uncompressed file, 720 x 480 pixels, 30 Mbps bit-rate, at 30fps (frames per second). If you are unsure which option to select, under Settings Details at the bottom right of the Movie Setting window, you can review the estimated file size of your project. By selecting different file options, the file size will change accordingly. Note: Some DVD burning software will not support the WMV file format. In such a case, you must save your project as an AVI file.

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