Creating a Storyboard

First look at the picture/video files you have collected then make a plan on how to put them together to tell your story. Think of your video as a story. All good stories contain certain elements. When creating your story keep in mind the 5 W's; Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This will help you fill in the main body of your story. Using pictures, a storyboard creates a rough sketch representation of the video. A storyboard is essentially a timeline going from top to bottom, with the top occurring first. Using a storyboard allows you to see what the scene will look like.

You can create the storyboard in a variety of programs. One of these programs if Microsoft Word.

Collect your pictures, videos, and/or audios you will use in the story. Save them to your student folder. It is a good idea to create a folder within your student folder called movie to keep all your movie files separate from your other assignment files.

Open Microsoft Word Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Word).

Select New Blank Document.

Insert a Table with 2 Columns and 20 Rows following the directions below. You can delete or insert addition rows needed as needed.

With the Insert Tab select Table > Insert Table:

Insert Table

At the Insert Table dialog box select 2 for the number of columns and 20 for the number of rows.

Table Defined

Click OK to Insert the table onto your page.

The first column will contain the pictures you will use in your movie and the second column will contain words that you will use as narration.

The first row should contain your title slide and the narration of what you will say when the title slide appears. Picture and narrations will follow, and the last frame will contain all the resources used to put your movie together.

Title Slide

Save your storyboard and turn it in for grading before starting your move! An example of a storyboard of a movie "The Unnamed Storm of 1928" is shown below:

The Unnamed Storm of 1928 Storyboard Example

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