Video Effects and Transitions

The Tools menu is also used to create video effects and video transitions. Video effects are effects applied to the actual video clips and include effects such as rotating the frames, colorcycling, as well as fades. They are applied to clips. Transitions are inserted between clips and affect the way the end of one clip turns into the beginning of the other. Some examples are page curls, wiping up, swirling in, etc. Again, a little experimentation here will illustrate the possibilities.

Adding Effects:

Step 1: To view the effects options, click on View Video Effects link under Edit Movie to open the Video Effects listing.

View Video Effects

The video effects are then shown in the collections pane.

Video Effects

Effects can be added to a project both in the storyboard and timeline windows. In the timeline, effects can either be dragged into a specific track or by right clicking on a desired image, selecting video effects, and then adding or removing desired effects.

Add Video Effects

Step 2: Choose the desired effect, select and drag into the storyboard or timeline over the desired clips. On individual clips in the timeline you can also right click on a specific clip and add or remove effects as was discussed above. Movie Maker 2 will allow you to add up to six different (or the same) effects on each clip.

Step 3: After inserting an effect, sample the change in the preview screen to determine if the effect works in the way you desire.

Adding Transitions:

Movie Maker 2 offers sixty different video transitions. When applied, transitions provide a unique way to smooth the exchange between clips in your project. To insert a transition follow these steps:

Step 1: From the Movie Tasks pane, under Edit Movie, select View video transitions.

View Transitions

The list of video transitions will now display in the collections area.

Video Transitions

Step 2: Choose the desired transition, select and drag into storyboard between desired clips.

Step 3: After inserting transition, sample the change in the Monitor to determine if it works in the way you desire.

Step 4: To change a transition you can either Undo the action, right click on the transition in the Storyboard and select delete, or simply drag a new transition over the old transition.

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