Formatting Text

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Noun-a word that describes a person place, or thing (chair, Bob, love).

Verb-a word that expresses action or helps to make a sentence (run, be, think).

Pronoun-a word that replaces a noun (he, she, it).

Adjective-a word that points out, describes, or limits the meaning of a noun or pronoun (big, good, enjoyable).

In the following 10 sentences, your job is to format parts of each sentence with corresponding styles designated here. Read each sentence carefully. Use the format command to change the parts of speech as listed.

  1. We drove to the beach.
  2. The Pearl Jam concert was sold out months ago.
  3. Mrs. Mitchell let us out o class early.
  4. Computers are easy to use.
  5. She is my best friend.
  6. You can come early if you want.
  7. I hope he will leave before they get here.
  8. My new CD sounds great on my new stereo.
  9. Mike and John play soccer on Saturdays.
  10. She is funny.

Check your work for spelling errors (they will be underlined red). Save the file to your folder. Name it: Parts_Speech