Accept/Reject Comments
Accept/Reject Comments Grading Rubric

In this activity you will use the Consultant Newspaper Comments document you will download below. You will see that this is the Newspaper Article you created earlier but with comments added from hired consultants. You have sent this newspaper out to three experts to review and advise you on changes that need to be made before having the document sent to the printing company. You will review their suggestions and accept or reject them. They have looked at the document and sent you their advise on how to proceed before printing the newspaper publication.

The expert consultants you have hired are:

Bonnie Roberto, Technology Instructor and Master Industry Certification Specialist
Gina Chapman, Language Connoisseur of the Written Language
Janann Nicholson, Technology Guru of Computer Applications and Web Design

Download the Consultant Newspaper Comments document below to see what each of them suggested.

Consultant Newspaper Comments

After opening the document read through the comments made by all three consultants. You want to accept only comments made by Janann.

With the Review tab selected click on the Show Markup button then point to Reviewers to see the list of reviewers that reviewed the document. Since you only want to accept the comments made by Janann uncheck the box next to Bonnie and Gina.


Now when you return to the document you will see that only Janann's comments are visable and the other two reviewers comments are not shown. Click the Accept button and choose Accept All Changes Shown.

Accept All Changes Shown

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