Add Comments to a Document
Add Comments to a Document Grading Rubric

In this activity you will use the Manager's Newspaper Comments document you will download below. You will see that this is the Newspaper Article you created earlier but with comments added. You have sent this newspaper out to all your region managers to review. You are going to add comments to answer your region managers questions, which are Saran Wrap and Barbie Doll. They have looked at the document and want verification on some items.

Unzip and open the Manager's Newspaper Comments document below. Make sure you save it to your My Business folder. If you need a refresher on how to extract the files from the zip and place them in your folder click here.

Manager's Newspaper Comments

First place your cursor in front of the drop cap W. With the Review Tab selected click New Comment. Notice that your initials appear in the comment area. To see your user name click Review, Track Changes, Change User Name.

Track Changes

This opens the Word options dialog box. Your user name should appear in User Name text box along with your initials. If yours does not appear, correct it now.

User Name

You will add the following comments to the comments already in the document.

If you can't see the comments in the document, with the Review tab selected click original then select Final: Show Markup.

Show Markup

The first comment is shown below. You as CEO will comment back to her comment Do we provide training?

Saran Wraps Comment

To add a comment, with the Review tab selected click New Comment.

Review New Comment

You will provide the comment "Yes we do. We will be sending out training meeting times next week to all employees."

Comment Answered

Here are the comments your are to enter as it pertains to each comment submitted in the document.

Comments to Enter

Notice that PJ's Fashion logo is located at the bottom of the document. Replace the logo with your logo. Right click on the logo and choose Change Picture.

Change Picture

Navigate to your My Business folder and select your logo.

Change Picture

Save and close your document.

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