Business Cards
Business Cards Grading Rubric

Start a new document and name it Business Cards. To see an example of a completed business card click the link below:

Example of Business Card

Insert Logo:

With your cursor at the top of your document insert your logo on the page. I resized mine to 0.7 " high by 1.7" wide Resize Logo. You should resize yours as close to 1 inches high by 11/2 inches wide. (With the logo selected go to the Picture Tools tab in the format section and change the size there)

Press the enter key to place your cursor on the line below your logo. Type in your fictitious address, phone and fax number, and website url.

Business Card Info

While holding your left mouse down drag over both your logo and business data info.

Business Card Info Selected

Create Business Card Layout

With the logo and business data still selected, with the Mailing tab selected click Labels.


This opens the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. With the Labels tab selected click Options.


Notice that the business data appears in the Address section. The space that is shown above is the placeholder for your logo so do not try to move the address information up in the box. This will delete your logo.

Select Avery US Letter for the Label Vendors and 8371 Business Cards for the product number.

Label Options Business Cards

Click OK to set up the Labels layout and to take you back to the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. Make sure Full page of the same label is selected then click New Document.

New Document

Your document should now look like this:

Business Cards

Center Align Logo and Address

With the control key press down select the A key. This will select all the data in the document. You will know that your data and logo is selected if it appears blue.

Data Selected

With the Home tab selected click the center align button to center align both the logo and the address information on the page.

Center Align

With everything still select make your text bold by clicking the bold button Boldlocated on the Home tab.

Click off the page to deselect it.

Add Fill Effect Page Background Color to Your Cards

Click back on the page. With the Page Layout selected click the Page Color icon then select Fill Effects.

Fill Effects

With the Pattern tab selected click the 20 percent option (first column, third row) and select a Foreground and Background color that matches you logo.

20 Percent Fill Effect

Your document should look similar to this:

Pattern Background

Add Page Border

With the Page Layout tab selected click Page Borders then select the Borders tab.

Add Page Border

In the preview area click the six areas boxed in red. Your preview should look like the picture in the blue box.

Page Borders

Select a Border Style, Color and Width

Select a style, color and width for your border and make sure Table is selected in the Apply to section.

Border Style

The last thing you need to do is to set the settings to All. Click OK to apply the Page Borders to the business card page.

All Settings

Your business cards should now look similar to this:Business Cards

Resave your document.

Creating Business Documents in Microsoft 2010