Create a Business Logo
Create a Business Logo Grading Rubric

Now you will create a logo that will be used in all of your document. It will need to contain 3 things; a shape, text, and a clipart graphic. When complete the logo should only be about 1 inches high and 2.5 inches wide Logo Size.

Start a new Word Document. Save the document with the name Business Logo.

Add Shape

With the Insert tab selected select a shape from the drop down menu.

Insert Shape

Make sure the shape conforms to the size restriction of 1 by 2.5. To see the size of the shape select the shape by clicking on it then with the Drawing Tools Format tab selected view the size in the size section. To change the size simply click on the down and up arrows on the right size of the numbers.


Add Text

To add text to the shape you will need to insert a text box. With the Insert tab selected click text box and select Simple Text Box.

Insert Simple Text Box

Type the text in the box. Choose the font, size and color of your choice.

Text Options

To get rid of the white background and black stroke of the text box, click on the text box to select it then with the Drawing Tools format tab selected drop down the Shape Fill menu and select No Fill.

No Fill

To get rid of the stroke select the Shape Outline button and select No Outline.

No Stroke

Add ClipArt

The last thing is to add clipart to the logo. It should be something that pertains to your business. With the Insert tab selected click the Clip Art button to open the clipart gallery.

Insert ClipArt

Type in a search word to populate the gallery with clipart that is related to your business.

Search ClipArt

Find the one that best fits your business then click on it to insert it on the page. Resize it so that it will fit on top of your shape. Now you will need to format it so that it will go on top of the logo. This is called Text Wrapping.


Text Wrap

With the clipart still selected, make sure the Picture Tools Format tab is selected then drop down the Wrap Text menu and select In Front of Text.

Text Wrat

You can now drag your clipart on top of the logo. Notice the picture I have selected has a white background. I want to get rid of it.

Remove White Background

Select the clipart you want to get rid of the white background and with the Picture Tool Format tab selected click the Remove Background icon on the ribbon.

Remove Background

Click the Keep Changes to close the Background Removal box.

Keep Changes

Here is how my logo now looks:


Save the Logo as a Picture File

Now you need to get it into picture format. On your keyboard click the Print Screen key

Print Screen

to bring up the print screen dialog box.

Print Key

Select the rectangle Rectangle, this will close the PrintKey box. Drag around your logo while holding down your left mouse button and release your mouse at the end of your selection. This should take you back to the print key dialog box where only your logo should now appear. Click the Save button and save the picture to your student folder.


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