Company Meeting Letter
Company Meeting Letter Grading Rubric

Open a new document in Word 2010. Save it with the name Company Meeting Letter.

Set Margins

Set all margins to 1" on all sides.

Insert Header

Insert the Conservation header.


Type your company name on the top line then pick a date a week from today for the date of the meeting.


Exit the header by double clicking in the body of your document.

Type the Text

Type the following using the tab keys to tab over. Double space the entire document.


Place in Alphanumeric Outline

Now you will place the text in outline form. Outlines are very useful when the writer is trying to organize his thoughts without becoming too concerned about detailed information. You sill create an alphanumeric outline where Roman numerals, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters are used.

Select all the text in the document (Ctrl + A). With the home tab selected click the Multilevel list button Multilevel List and select the multilevel list located in the first column third row.


Your page should now look like this:


Resave your document.

Creating Business Documents in Microsoft 2010